Vision Project

In Kenya, a pair of glasses costs $100-$300. What’s more, a child’s visual acuity changes frequently, which means that he/she would require a new pair of lenses at least annually. Due to poverty, many of our families are unable to pay this high cost. As a result, students with visual impairments face learning difficulties in the classroom, chronic headaches, and/or are falling behind in their studies.

Through networking within Nairobi, we found a cost-effective alternative. We currently have corrective lenses made and then pop them into donated frames, thereby drastically reducing the cost. To instill a sense of ownership, parents to children with visual needs also pay a small proportion of the bill.

Our hope is to provide MOHI students with visual impairments equal access to education through the provision of spectacles. When MOHI students with visual impairments use assistive devices, their educational experience is enhanced and the performance gap is bridged, thereby producing measurable improvements in academic achievement and their self-esteem.

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